What I'm Working On

Works in Progress:

Title: The Stardust Lounge
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Status: 30% through draft 1

(tentative)Blurb: Ava Brooks owns the most popular rat-pack era impersonation bar in the city, The Stardust Lounge. She works so hard at keeping it on the cities hottest venue list that it's nearly her entire life. Right up until the moment a piece of her past comes back to haunt her, literally.

Lucy Jennings was her high-school BFF. Or so she thought. She had a feeling things weren't always as they seem. Four years after Lucy's sudden death, things start to unravel when her ex-husband Cash, walks into Ava's bar.

Will their past get in the way of their possible future? Or will they finally choose what they didn't four years ago?


*more coming soon*

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